Inflammation is our immune system's artillery. When a foreign entity, such as a virus, threatens the body, the immune system jumps into action, sending inflammatory substances to get rid of the invader. Inflammatory cells fight the threat, the crisis is averted, and the body is saved. 

Sometimes our body misinterprets an innocent as an invader. When this happens, the immune system still activates inflammatory cells to seek and destroy the perceived threat. Without an actual threat present, inflammatory cells release their destructive substances, which attack the body, itself. Repeated misfiring causes much internal bodily damage, leading to illness, pain, and suffering.
food sensitivity

Food Sensitivities: When Your Body Identifies Food as an Invader

Our bodies are amazing, but not perfect. For a variety of reasons, your body can misidentify certain foods as dangerous invaders and mount an inflammatory response. Any food can cause an inflammatory response - even healthy food. 

Eliminate Guesswork - Your Health is Too Precious.

Fortunately we have a highly accurate blood test to identify which foods your body will misidentify as an invader. Using this information along with your medical history and dietary preferences, a personalized diet to eliminate the inflammation is designed. That is when the healing begins and you get your life back.

Healthy For Thee, But Not For Me

We know foods such as vegetables and fruit are nutritious; but, your body may disagree, reacting negatively to some healthy foods. 

There are lists of purported anti-inflammatory foods. If your body thinks the 'anti-inflammatory' food is an invader, the food will have the exact opposite effect and cause inflammation. Your symptoms will worsen.

One Size Cannot Fit All

Standard diets for weight loss or a medical condition are likely to fail. The same food can heal one person and exacerbate symptoms in another. 

My practice moves far beyond standard diets, which is why my patients experience improvements in their health and feel better than they could have hoped.