Patients Reviews
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Feiwel. She guided me through a food program tailored for me, and it has greatly improved my health and my life. I'm so very grateful for her help.

Fay G. | May 14, 2023
I feel so much better since working with Dr. Feiwel. Once I learned what foods were causing my stomach issues and went through the process my symptoms went away. I've never felt better and at 55 I am healthier than I've ever been.

Frank B. | May 14, 2023
The quality of my life has improved tremendously since I started working with Dr. Feiwel. For nearly 2 years, I was struggling with uncomfortable and disturbing gastrointestinal issues. I had gone to several doctors, tried many different elimination diets, and took prescribed medications. Occasionally there was slight improvement but nothing lasted. Admittedly the new eating plan was challenging in the beginning (first 2 weeks) but I also appreciated the structure. Now, 7 months into my 'new life,' I feel happier and healthier than I have in years. My gastro issues have gone away and I have plenty of choices when eating. Dr. Feiwel is a true gem. She's kind, extremely knowledgeable, skilled, honest, and attentive. She has spent countless hours guiding me, encouraging me, and helping me to stay on the path. I can't recommend her enough.

Anne B. | Apr 12, 2023
Under the guidance of Dr. Feiwel, I now understand what foods are healthy for my body, and what foods to avoid because of food sensitivities. I also learned portion control and to become aware of "unconcious" eating. The importance of variety - mixing up the healthy diet - is also important - to not only my well being, but the enjoyment of food. The 3 months with Dr. Feiwel were instrumental to my becoming as healthy as possible as I enter my 71 year! my 71 year.

Elizabeth K. | Dec 02, 2022