3 Month Program

Initial Consultation
Information download: Dr. Feiwel wants to get to know you. The initial consultation will include discussion of your medical history, food history, current symptoms, and medications

It is important to understand inflammation as it relates to disease and food/chemical sensitivity testing: Dr. Feiwel provides an overview of chronic inflammation as well as food and chemical sensitivity testing – how it works, what it tells us, and how we will use the information to design a nutrition plan to heal your body and improve your health.

Food and chemical sensitivity testing
A highly sensitive and specific blood test provides the information Dr. Feiwel will utilize to design a personalized dietary prescription to heal your body
6 appointments  with Dr. Feiwel
You will meet with Dr. Feiwel 6 times over the course of the 3 months, in-person and/or via telemedicine

Support and information are key to a successful outcome. Dr. Feiwel will guide you throughout the process of healing your body, so you feel better than you have in years

Each meeting will include a new list of foods to add into your diet

All the information you need to be successful 
Recipes specific for your initial food list

Resources: much of the food on your list will be familiar and common; however, you will be introduced to several new items. Dr. Feiwel provides resources for finding and obtaining anything not easily found in the supermarket 

Educational information on foods/chemicals to avoid

On-going support over the course of the 3-months